Rahu and Ketu : The Tale of To and fro moment of life! Part:1

Rahu and Ketu : The Tale of To and fro moment of life!

‌Guys, a warm greetings to all..after a so much and the  cooking a stew in my mind; finally I came infront of you all with new topic .This topic is grooming all over the world especially I want to convey I am a seeker personality so whatever the things I am putting in my platform is just my personal experiences which I want to share with you all in a very practical which can understood in a valid sense according to our day-to -day lifestyle. The most grooming topics of astrology i.e Rahu and Ketu in some of civilization this aspects of astrology  has been referred in numerous ways most commonly it represented by Dragon where head part is referred as Rahu and Tail part is referred as Ketu. Indian Continent we are referring this stuff as Snake. We know that human beings have immense possibilities of the exploration and also they are the programmer of their own doom. Right from your birth you have been explored and exposed to numerous environment; based on the situation the scars and the remark of those memories pave the path for your world  and where the life becomes predictive. As long as the proper background and the direction provided by  any of the grown up is available to any individual would as you can make the personality more predictable as per future point of view. But rather the predictive kept a room of comfort zone and limitation which has been designed your own intellect and the physio-social circumstances. Where actually you feel good and also which helps you to provide  the security  and responsible approach towards your family. 
‌     So these are all the stuffs which is essential to make you feel and understand what are the common and socially acceptable norms of the society where we are residing. Hope the points are clear to move towards the further approach. Now, Let’s see why some indistinctive attitude, traits ,qualities, behaviours and understanding are holded by some personalities? Why the reformation , revolution might take place ? What will happen when you work outside your comfort zone? Why we mess up in creating discoveries and why some person leave their family to become an ascetic ? …… These are all the  mess   where normally we don’t want to deal or those zone which do not want to conquer of your personality. This question and curiosity leads the final world where we are living now. But as the  Shri Krishna quoted,” In every ages the things will created , managed  and conducted; once they got fragile he will again reincarnate in different forms to to create , establish and the set up the new guidelines to lead new life in proper managed way”. So recently we all have the CoVID-19 pandemic situation, in this period I think you all become aware of the things in a very abrupt and explosive way. Older guideline sired in the campfire while the emergence of new guidelines and new approach towards the local guidelines and individual lifestyle changed and the foremost thing these kind of calamity has made you more vigilant, alert and innovative towards the betterment of all the required aspects which is needed in order to overcome some obstacles. Let’s try to understand , what hurdles are ? Why hurdles being created? Do any celestial thing is responsible for this creation? Our Negligence or ignorance responsible for having such act? These kind of queries always grew and brew in our mind . So whether all these stuffs are shit and or we have to give some importance to this segment. So, till now I have just talked about the queries and circumstances which we face in every day life. And hopefully, for all this mess we keep some celestial bodies responsible for all this happenings. And we refer those aspects as Rahu and Ketu, the most misunderstood ideology of human nature, it has been dwelling in all the living organism.Where we are just trying to  move to and fro. Means based on your life and problems you moving to and fro. A very simple example, ‘  A guy fall in love with some other girl, now the two thing will happen whether he will approach towards the girl  and put proposal while again two new condition will arise whether she will accept the proposal  or deny . If she deny , then it will again lead two  possibilities , the  guy  will leave the girl and move forward or he will stick  that girl and struggle to make the proposal in a  favour.  In  order to struggle the person needs a courage and similarly that person is indwelt with the valor and heroic attitude.” This  is  an illustration for the  amplified deed and numerous possibilities in any sector or field of your life . Means unlimited (to be continued….)

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