Rain of “E”-motions

images (8)Having a fun with mate is just like dipping a sponge in juice of raspberry. Where soul is hand- full of wish and the dreams illuminates with passion full of love and compassion. Stream fascination which attracts happenings towards you naturally. The perky smile of the hour which is always cheers having a lifetime companion of the pendulum ; rejoice with the novelty and cherish blooming flowers of thoughts which pushes your life with a healthy spirit. On the track life the some event catch your eyes and provide you a insight to observe the inside out consequence which carves the figure depicting the relational values which understood by correlating the generalised illustration where body which always remains in search of rest and the soul in search of nest that always gongs oppositely. Eventually lead to numerous consequence of adventurous happening in terms of incident which sometimes brought wonderful accidents. Memories of those moments portray in a vintage style which never leaves a sense of grudges nor stood up the feeling of numbness. The thread of the events makes the series of wonderland, where person wants to stop and to rejuvenate the scene but the sand of the holy arid falls in love with the memories of your time. Where instincts are twisting and refelcts a clash of the events one which sticks like a burr all our life and the one which left the sand on the shore after breeze of high tide ; shares the cheers and glittering smile on the faces which made a sense of completeness which you wish for a long time. Expressivity of the deepness enthralled the person completely when signs of motion pours out like a drop of nectar which symbolises the sense of worthiness which finally motions out at the vary event of life. Such motion of the faith and affection which finally adores from your beloved eyes, which defines this heart-touching moment and expresses the feelings which raining and tapering in full motion but that is moment where the response has already lost his lost his “E”-motion.

Always be there for whom you worth a lot, no one knows that what is hidden in the womb of time. See you guys!

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