Raise up!

Not always you will ask,
Someday you will have a task,
Days are out with a fairy tale,
When will you come out of the shell,
In will of mercy, you forgot your strength,
God has bestowed you with valor and Zen
Don’t fabricate your mind with a dusty web,
Come and look up yourself with a thirsty cane!
Target your fish with a mighty will.
Don’t surmount your mind gutter refill,
Selfless task will let you shine,
Don’t make yourself slave of lust and wine
Use your orgasm energy plethora to rebuilt a new world
Give yourself a chance to prove amongst the third
You will be praise and revered by the society
Once you have to burn like sun, and just vanquish your anxiety!
You took birth to balance the seven spheres of the universe ,
Don’t yourselves get lost in a fear
Amongst the greatest, you will find your position
Unless you accept the nature and utilise the
Gifts of Dear
Don’t sleep, Just fabricate your dreams,
Which will bring a harmony  and prosperity here

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