Reality:- The game of possibilities and Probablity


I took birth in the present generation,

I stood up with the conventional education.

My father occupies his position as a doctor, but I always dreaming of becoming a rockstar

My fellow friends, looking towards me like a stranger.

The day of modernization prevails in the society after the English invasion,

but my loving fellows loves to loose their identity as ledger.

Soon ,the era of the young gen wait to enter in the theater,

But my thought processing malfunction and match me in the field of the fixer.

Sorrows of the experiences sits on the yards of the ground,

Hope finds the coverage on the mount.

Criticalness of the science uttered based on personal belief,

That’s why my age old commerades take a sigh of relief.

Corruptness of the thinking makes the life completely paralysed

Does do we have a guts to accept reality as bouncer’s trail

Speak truth always commits brilliant history to take sucide

However, image in the mirror always keeps the illusion inside.

Becoming a science freak always becomes a job of the looser

That’s why mad hatter kept Always Alice in comapanion of moosers

Shift of thought happens within a fraction

But every challenge vanishes by terrific action.

Need always becomes shadow of the needful

When struggle came all of us want to spit on a shit bull.

Some day in an open yard looking towards the twinkle sky,

Smile cames surprisingly , without asking the brain to go ahead.

Will something doesn’t support the will

But the bill of the karma always puts the balance sheet on the hill

Slowly innocence is taking a place of the wrath

Humanity seeks the to cut the bulls apart

Question becomes terribly fearful

Don’t know who and when make him the horrible pull

At last story of end with coverage or routine

All are the memories live in realities by wearing costlier suitings.

-Ankiitz B’sen



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