Re’Freshing Morning!

Ring of my clock, ranged without my will,
It’s a sunday, please let me remain in!
The Alarm is just telling me to come outside,
Let’s have a talk with nature and walk countryside,
The wave of the cool breezes are waiting for outside,
Why being so ignorant you remain inside.
Welcome , the nature with your first sight,
Nothing is beautiful as the rays of pre-mature sunlight,
Go, with full enthusiasm and motivate your insight,
Look after the new world with adorable sight!
Seems newness in the nature ,puts you in a calm state if mind,
Essence of smile of innocent smile just unable to  hide inside.
Strengthen your nerves with boost of good vibes,
New Hopes and the opportunities knocking your door outside.
Don’t let your laziness override, the spike,
Surely , they are upon with offers which you utmost like.
Get up ! It’s  a time to sing,
Just have a look how towards the Re’freshing Morning..

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