Rhythm of the “Boredom”



I spent my life as moron geek

People look towards me as Pyschotic sneak

Taking the thing seriously made me so harsh

No people want to seek me with a kindness and spark

Lesson of the life always bears me bitter fruit

I loose the sense of the sweetness, and became a harsh from the upper suits.

The flavor of the strawberry always the sweet,

But the vision of the person make the fruit as a matter of tweet

Local peoples lives so splendidly with their kudos

My face is just like rotten apple’s  shits

I lost the juice of the rejoice

Now no one is there to hear the this beast voice.

I always dreamt of the some beauty will come in my life,

So she can make this beast to make romance with his wife

All my life’s rhythm goes in trouble

Now trying make a music but turns out in a total shout.

Days  along  I started to do yog with mind

Slowly the matter changes , and I got clarity of life

Illusions got separated and reality becomes my life

That’s why I am singing  the rhythm of the “Boredom” with painful voice.

-Ankiitz B’sen

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