Scene behind “Some” one!

images (21)Today the day was complete frosty, will has lost his willingness…..the desire for something is fluctuating on memory graph; some consequence happen which made my body restless. Now, memories becomes somewhat vivid and augmented my bio-graphical screen. Inner is trying to fly out a sense of wisdom plays a vital role, the bird is trying to break the limits but soon getting understood the consequence. The of the vital pump generating the sensational rhythms, on which tune the desire want to dance….. Which makes the situation more critical. Refusal of the someone now creating a session of high tides which is allocated with small small little whirls whirls which pulls the leg of my desire. Situations made me happy to stand by limitation or sad by arresting the miniature. The pull of the gravity becomes neutral when the sense of maturity reached its subtle.Tiring eyes wants the sigh of relief but the loamy ground alerting your sense to prevent from a struggle. This journey emotional voyage recalls me the memory of Someone which is not in a screen but plays a role always which keeps you jumble and with a humble pulls your to the state of delimma which entire life makes you to dance like a tumble!
– Ankiitz B’sen

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