Nature has made all with uniqueness

But we are always there to find fatigueness

Enjoyment of  the life we transform into sad one

Asking to the majesty how you are insensible

Humor of  the story always reveal himself in the end

Then why to spend time in listening  holy shit rail

Juice of the fruit is  there keep us healthy

But we are the follower of the whom eat seed to make them wealthy

A kind of quarrel always take place amongst fruit and seed

Who is more kind in making brilliant life pursuits.

Day of the examination come ahead slowly

The ego of the fruit starts to fall live drizzles  of snowy

One day the empire of the fruit perish ultimately.

But kindness of the seed restraint all the thing s very elegantly.

The fruit once forgot the secret of  viltality,

To whom he always pay look of inferiority

Similarly the  life of all the creature remains same wherever it may lie

This is Philosphy of life ,”Seed becomes the Majesty” of all times!

-Ankiitz B’sen