Shiv Linga : The natural modem

Everyday in the morning in some news papers and some e-sources we came across diverse intellectual outputs on the ground of rituals and especially what we call it as a “dharma”. There are lot of communities and gurus making a remark on this subject. However I want to share some of my research experiences during the penace in this so called modern world. So let’s come to the point why the Linga has been given so much importance and as a symbol of the great lord Shiva , we all know Linga is ellipsoidal in shape, black in colour surrounded by oval boundary and broad mouth opening. First point according to conventional science we know maximum surface area is gathered or covered by the sphere (ellipse). And a sphere is made of enumerated sets of locus points from where tangent is generated. Since the fraction of the individual segment is dissected by the consecutive segment which leads to the connectivity of each locus and finally after the series of such dissecting tangents attach at some point where this primary locus behave as secondary locus for the next inning which is postulated in Newton’s law i.e Energy can neither be destroyed nor be created ,it can be transformed from one form to another form and it cannot be destroyed and total amount of energy in the universe remains the constant. So it is clear that because of such recurring process multiplicity of the energy takes place and it goes on amplification. Why Linga has been carved in the form of stone only or from its other entity like mercury etc. We know stone are made of rocks. These rocks are adhered to earth which is lowest layer but facilitated with intense gravitational attractive forces and have symbolic nature of patience and stability on the earth. Third thing is that it is black in colour, we all know black acquired by any object when it gets perished. Which symbolises the ‘patan’ or elimination and it shows the ending point of any chemical reaction taking place on the earth as well as according to physical law of nature black colour is considered to absorb approx. 98 percent of the energy which is always of taking nature. On which photochemical energy in the radiation form is emitted from your eyes which don’t reflect back and absorbs while generation of new thoughts takes place which are nothing but a form of energy. Which again and again replenish your body and maintain the physiological events in a positive feedback manner. Like Modem we place in computational system to modulate and demodulate the data transmission in a similar manner Linga plays a role as Supreme Modem it is so natural that complication of this simple device is not recognize our civilization unless and until it is explained so called modern peoples format.

So, friends this is just an attempt to share my views and research experiences along with you. So, please share and give feedback and convictions are hearty welcome from my side. Again more mysteries of the Linga Shiva and rituals will get published by me with more interesting manner. See you soon guys

-Ankiitz B’sen

2 thoughts on “Shiv Linga : The natural modem

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