“Shunya”- tattva

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At once the teacher entered the class his session started with a choice to deliver a talk by means of the “black board” becomes “white” whereas sometimes “white” board becomes “black”. The message he deliver is a usual practice. But the act has something unusual which has created two sects of beliefs and the likes and dislikes led the to emergence of the creed of followers which seems just like and ant who followed the act in que whereas other dogma of life moves on ignoring the still one. Which Symbolises two polar attitude of the thread, whose head are opposite to each other.Sometimes ignorance reach its height that they question their existence by the practice of drowning the other face of their existence which troubles every now and then. Thus the resurgence of the Bipolar society came into existence. But at present its true that effort to make vanish one face will fade off the identity of the other. Dramatical w resemblance of the “Rajas” and “Tamas”- tattva dominated society is going to destroy their own identity and which is a main reason for disequilibration in the flow in the society. Which provides mean outlook in the society and made themselves engaged in framing the policy to envisage and to preserve their dominancy over the race. One sects knows to follow and the other knows to order. But justice has been made similar for both the sects by the nature so that their qualities illuminates and the message also surpassed so efficiently to others. This :Bipolar” ends of the thread and eternally feeling of oneness can be eccavated which has been silently hidden inside which remain in a deep sleep. That is platform of understanding, memory processing and balance of the behaviour which lost its identity because of the sudden fall and break at the time of the recreation of the world. This is the reason for what we struggling in this lives to upgrade this tattva which has lost his identity which nither a giver nor a provider it’s a state of stillness which balances the point of their convergence is “Shunya ” which naturally pulls us to common dice which is a “pure” which is ” shashwat” i.e ” “Sattva ” the mid-point which equally relates to the every word written on a black board as well as every letter depicted on the white board and balances the splitting mindset of the world to keep life in a state to move on which objectively commands your whole life made the necessary transformation and provides a “Purusharth” to transform their identity from “No” – one to “Some”-one.
It’s a birth right of an individual to ask question but be don’t disguise yourself or hinder or get distract in the journey from whichever the path you choose……… See you again!
– AnkiitzB’sen