The Apple Theroy

Theories being postulated and put forward as the experiences which the mankind has experienced during their life journey. Fact which we have to admit is that the source of inspiration is same whether you might at the same place or the another. With my new edition again we will again take a deep dive in to the common but most underestimated  approach the aging, thought process and psychosomatic response which is being observed as a milestone in resolving numerous mysteries which apparently seems to be strange but it is  just an integrated impact of the individual events addressing the responsiveness to the stimuli.  So, as I have mentioned aforesaid three parameters are the milestones which played a crucial role  the proposed events, in order to make the discussion little freaky I want to correlate those events with the common fruit which has a great role in contribution in understanding the physical laws in Modern perspective i.e none other than “Apple”. As this is being my favourite fruit; So let’s try understand the mechanics which this fruits so special in order to correlate with the complex physiologic organisation.
          We have an apple , one with outer pericarp and another with peeled off condition. We know a normal lifecycle of an apple ends within 10 – 12 days and also the normal apple also facilitated with the outermost covering which acts as an antioxidant that is a protective layer which prevent the fruit from getting rotten. The factors which prevailed in an atmosphere such moisture, air, other microbes under normal temperature and pressure.  This section is configuring the half part of the story, so let us correlate with the corresponding physiologic bodies which  has  been considered as normal , the constituent part of the body involves the vital juices and the neurohormonal system alongwith chief gland i.e Pineal gland which is responsible of for the secretion of the ‘Melatonin’ , often which regarded as an Powerful antioxidant. While in a similar norms provided the external atmosphere with stress, free Radicals. as well as other behavioural and psychological factors alongside emotional aspects which we consider in a relative manner with another individual under normal temperature and pressure. As we goal to understand the life expectance of the individual human being which has been considered as 50- 60 years on an average. So, the initially discussed factors are the vitals which is taken into consideration.
            Now lets come to second half of the discussion which involves an apple in a peeled off state. The peeling off the primary percarp or outer layer of the apple which led the inner endocarp material visible to atmosphere where the primary defense  has been automatically deployed in such situation , the visible portion of an apple comes in direct contact with an outer environment. The outer environments is composed of an atmosphere which envelopes the present-requisite factors such as air, moisture. and other microbes within an environment. So, now in this case sensitivity of the pure most layer of this apple has been observed increased sensitivity with an outer  Factors which we referred as “Hypersensitivity”  this has happened due to absence of the outer  protective layer. The half life period of such apple decreased to some of fraction of minutes which is approximately  as 10-12 days. But there has not been any exceeding limits in any of the factors which has similar as for the intact apple. But since this the  peeled of apple failed sustained the atmospheric stress and degraded with in a fraction of time .
         Now lets Correlate with the human physiologic situation how the second situation impacted. It has been seen that some individual when they born , they have one primary gland which is decalcified which is none other than pineal gland , which responsible for the secretion of the Melatonin, which is responsible  for the antioxidant other related activities inside the bodies. Where the other factors with in an atmosphere  and the interpersonal related factor is similar but  the range of secretion of those secretion in such individual increases  which is responsible for the activation and the progressive development of the psychosomatic well being of an individual, thus the sensory organs  and their response being more than a normal in such individual. The hypersensitivity, in a gross teem let understand the vibe of the celestial spheres more promptly and in a more pronounced manner. It is just like sound whose frequency is low but when it connected to an amplifier the low frequency sound also imitates impact in more bigger version. So, the psychologically such individual mature exceptionally in a spike rate while the deterioration of the physical well being drained of where else they require additional synthetic antioxidant to to sustain their appropriate life expectancy, In most of the cases hardly were able achieve. Hence, this event is so common but it can gives you an idea how the individual are bit different from one another . The prospective Which I have graphed has lined with specific physiologic traits. This is not an limitation to these theory. Next version of my discussion will let you know the practical and validity aspects with well mannered scientific justification. Your valuable feedbacks are always welcome. Stay tuned . Stay vibrant … I will be back new fortunes ….!
Ankiitz Bisen

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