The Birth of ‘JOB’

The day this universe accomplish,
Adam and Eve just observed the relish.
Idleness and the boredom equipped the mind distort,
Looking at each other both strangers got shocked.
Slowly, the term called progress arrived,
Now, they are able to engaged themselves in managing livestock.
With a span time hopefully they thrive , the at which they are two now reach to millions of lives.
Seggregation happened due to like mindedness,
Some amongst them are brilliant show their geniousness in chess.
The time limitation of source fall on to the ground.
Famines, scarcity and other peasants lost their lives.
Slowly, amongst them some mediator and diplomats originate who learns the human behaviour,
Now just started to manipulate.
Seeming to fulfill their needs of bread and butter,
Each one of them now just acting like a duffer.
The class and different sects have been originate,
Survival of the fittest rule in that period,
Prior to that everyone was satisfied with their quality of life,
They provide the food, shelter and security to their children and wife.
In order to make scene complicated, first barter system arrived,
Improvisation, in this system manifested with some coins and delights,
Attempts to make happy, and prosperous were made from either of side.
Slowly, glaciers melt down and sink the adjacent cities inside,
Threats to such calamities claims to come insurance in light,
Followed by the agents to convinced it’s bad side.
Striking of stone let expenditure of the manual chemical currency,
Renaissance and reformation, let the spark to enlighten dark skies.
Shrinking of the earth’s assets leads to misery and intellectuals to their demise,
Monopolisation and Imperialist attitude let slave theory to come into the light.
Taking advantage of one’s lukehole , the industries survived,
Now, in born talents need their proof in blue ink and the wooden sheets, let surprised.
Industrious term suffered so lot, that now we know the employment site,
New edition, added the one happiest festival in civilized person’s life.
This is the concise introduction regarding the ‘Job’.
Where half truth has its importance don’t try to explore then it will make you ‘Otherwise’

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