The Innocent Minds!

After a long time guys, again I am back on the track with new edition; Yes I know we moving from a difficult time  which made you gulp of of aspiration to still in tbe middle of food pipe. And the scene has been globally portrayed with a new definition  and also with a various outlooks. This much of time I past in observing the overall scenario, where Mankind has been notably finding a way to dig out important findings which has been channelised the weaker knots of the society with protective seal of Pandemic;  which has prevented a unnecessary spil of the important issues which has been deliberately delivered to a common society. As one to two percent of the society is getting an advantage of the procured solutions while the rest public has been brutally treated as being a blind follower of the aspect which has approved by  the assigned and well aligned dignitaries. One thing which we are struggling is that our image of being ransom which has insinuated the local freelance bodies of the healers which has been put under the umbrella of the threat and obscure them from any rights their   knowledge implementation. There are lot ethnic cults perspired and nourished within peninsula which has facing a situation of the underestimation and they have been profoundly regarded as  novice persona of the earth. Since, prior to the documentation era, the knowledge has been shared orally from generation to generation , only the factor they have been ignored is just a certification. The apothecary system and other ethnic cults have deep grave knowledge of the regional medicines where most pharmacognostical society of our nation has not given heed. After the process of systematic Classification the authenticity has been provided to such vulnerable knowledge, it’s been matter of concern. When we organise the conference on the ethnopharmacology and  lead our mission towards the improvisation of the local valuable which credits its relevance with cryptic knowledge of healing which has been endemic to certain demographics. Since, we should pay importance to our own system also which works on the innocence and the stitches of mind which is very much essential to make one heal apart from making them as stooges  for business by relying on the western interest!
Thank you..
Ankiitz B’sen

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