The Mid’way Stand!

When you attain the maturity, the lives of the human being resembles less quantitative and more qualitative. Slowly each and every part of his life were at the detachment level. So what exactly your birth signifies a journey from well being to being’less. So definition is somewhat different from each and every perspective with respect to different individual based on their own experiences. I discussing this concern because the bell of the pendulum is more confined when it is placed at it’s extreme. Similarly, the aspect which we discuss in day to day lives is more about the all or none cases we have observed so far. We focused our energy from convention to invention, in the process of which some of the qualities find its place and slowly transformed the flexible lives into stubborn attitude. Numerous stories have been heard from enormous fables in childhood time. Where death is the brutal truth which have been projected as matter of honour and prejudice. Really, the value of the life is so small that we never bother in destroying the part or complete to harness any task of the prime importance. Right now we are going through COvid period where the life of an individual is so cheap that any one can fall into the prey in the mouth of brutal destiny. Slowly and very acutely the importance of the lives has been clicked over the mind of individuals. And now we felt need that we should communicate and discussed about these aspects of the life that we abstain in our whole lifetime in the name of grudges and the extreme thought which prevent the individual to meet each other and to act as well wisher. It’s not about the vaccine and not about the lethal situation we are undergoing…..the whole responsible situation occurs as we left the gravity in all manner where we lack hydrated connecting molecule, which suddenly vaporizes as soon as it comes in contact with slowly rising temperate ego. At the end, the scales of the memories in the forms of the flakes ash just left to hinder randomly in the atmosphere.. Which neither be aggregated. Before the sand in the hour glass slip like a slime. Just retrospect seal the flaws and shift your mode or life from extreme to mid. You will see the stillness and blissfulness of the present. Which render your life in an actual vital mode. Which neither be a part of any storyboard but  this will be a fascinating life which you will witness. It’s not always the medicine in a drug form sometimes word too may have power to show miracles.

-Ankiitz B’sen

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