The pain of “Ph.D”

Knowledge and assets have a long running relationship of Lion and rabbit, once you caught the knowledge it can pave a path to surmount any material assets. This theme always sounds good where the people till the people is using an asset as an accessories; slowly the era the changed and the values transformed and I will not speak further as the signs are ok for the wise dude. But the revolution of the market and necessity of position have created an havoc in the present world. We are very much misfortunate to have proper guide and command in execution to make things happen in our early stage of life. We struggled slowly , the spark of the fire of the effortful struggle sparklee amongst the eyes of the candidates. The weakest shoulder became the support for thousands of the unprivileged one. And the extract of the total life journey surpassed in the form of slogan from the reformative personalities. This slogans and teaching proved to have vital in the survival and the problem mending capability amongst the common public. The success which relies on the versatality of the sets of principle which become endorsed for generation to generation to ensure proper placement of the energies which made the things to happen in a most predictive way which have been imagined and hypothesized by the person to from its creative zone. This is how the “Philosophy” came into existence with flavour of total extract of the work and wisdom. It can work in whichever the way we want. But slowly the session changes the dearer becomes the sufferer, how the potential transformed into kinetics of radicality. Where radical attitude have created by th wise people in order to pursue social recognition and humility, placement of the energies move across the hand of another class of the greedy and wicked sect of the knowledge , they have splendidly transform the knowledge into “know”- ledger which is the first debut of their creativity in world of illusion, where the innocence of mind becomes the slave and most oftenly a prey; for the sake wicked goodness. The range of the education and fruits of the penace is being enjoyed by the king makers. They have massively transformed the philosophy as the non-functional asset and performing the underground practices in the name of the philosophy. Now, philosophy became a matter of copyright and publication. Potential is replaced by the reference. Mindless fellows got the position in th hierarchy and the truth and judgement become the slave of the nasty. Session of disrespect to genuine and noble falls into the category of the misfortunately fortunate one’s. Doctoral of the chairperson become a gift to slurrpy one. The heaviness of the heart and disgust and grief inner intution becomes suffocative and torture of potential made the ” Philosophy” to cry in deep pain But crown of the Doctoral humiliates by become crown unwanted stain.

-Ankit Bisen

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