The pull of energy and the mysterious “Pineal gland”

Years after year everytime we come across the new theory which defines different aspects of the energies and their outlook regarding and their life expriences. Eventually, I am ayogic practioner and still in the progressing stage but I am also a pharmaceutical post-graduate, so my outlook is always moving forward in stream of therapeutic needs and observational facets of happening event. Here’s a grooming mystery which is always making my minds so obseesed with the event in which no solid mediator is available but the mutual transfer of any matter from one place to other is really something mysterious and something which usually people keeps a secretes. Which is not at all disclosed by any person which have created the curiosity and little bit of the darkness which need to be shown some torch. Because, these thing being simple have been framed so impure and unelegant for the persons living in the society. Knowledge is always a pure thing but as you know the pure has always a threate and porne to get contaminate and impure. The certain portion of thr integral science have been culminated and the main philosophy or the root of the science have to suffer from the negligence and hatred and other things by our society. We know that if you step out of something, you have to step in also for some causes at that time how you will define negativity. Friends, we know that when we are at the to there is tendency to go down and vice versa. Similarly, if we look after our body which have been mostly utilized to have to full fill the wordly desire of the respect and luxury bla….bla. But if we look curiously then we get to know the single word uttered by us is having something more to know then the rest we have observed. Mostly, by most of the intellectuals, it has been postulated that this kind of the curiosity and the deep analysis is to be done byost smallest gland of our body known as “Pineal gland”. As of now I know we are strictly accustomed to have a practical evidences. But there are always something which we strongly feel but for the illustration we have to struggle and make the people know about the happenings of the nature. Infact, recently I have an accidental expreince of the energy exchange by means of the photographs and but how it happen even the image has nothing to do with any such phenomenon. What is the accidental case I will discuss it in the next blog. So , be thirsty and be curious because there is a lot which I can explore. – Ankiitz B’sen

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