The Romantic ‘Stew’

The Romantic ‘Stew’
Journey of the life starts from the dew,
To understand that the instinct has very few,
Just like measuring tape,
Days get long and childhood is in a mood to escape.
Wish slowly trying flap their new wings,
With a novel freshness their attitude becomes to swing,
Ideas just starts to boil and bounce at the stream,
Skin turn oily with a crazy pimple to peel,
Entering into the new cycle the birds never thought to cling,
Slowly whirling into the ideology both started each other to ping,
The warmth of the infatuation slowly started to fade,
With a recent discovery the colour of the thread split into various shade,
The transition of the green left the moister behind,
In order to eat a sweet fruit, the juice of the fruit started to sublime,
News that which never bothered, now started bothering in a high time,
Relationship charmness afflict by the evil eye of someone’s disguise,
This story is least understood by a very few,
That why life has necessitate to taste the Romantic ‘Stew’.

– Ankiitz B’sen

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