The Slipping Sand!

When a conciousness redeem,
Eyes start to whining,
Vision put efforts to see the radiant sun,
To the vast limit where green carpet envelops the horizon,
Battle against the mindset threaded the era,
But nectar of th conclusion enclosed in the wisdom sera,
Games and traps played successfully to conquer the invincible crown,
Which cost the shed of the vital red vine,
Sitting in the field just calculated the soft sins,
Smile on the face loses the flavour of the serene,
Conspiracies and the plan starts to wear,
Instead of the happiness and cheer, eyes to start to tear,
This devastation seems to be an indicator to surge the fresh air,
With a span of time , the wounds heal with a memories hide inside,
New plumule blooms with a fresh breeze,
Maturity of thought slowly begins to stream,
Hidden radical slowly pop up outside,
Which again starts to begin to siege the grooming intellect this side,
Again the chain reaction begins project same clipping all time,
To make a change we look up at the faces , that who will shine,
When it comes to self the coin tossed and remain baised all the time,
Such psychology need the personal experience to get it ridden,
These are the eyes who acts to be sleepy but  needs blast all of the sudden,
All of none we need the one person standing for the issue with a magic wand,
But it will not happen unless everyone  understand their duty as their instinct deep inside…
Things will again fall into someone’s cradle when time slips like a sand in meantime.
– Ankiitz B’sen

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