Tired steps

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Every division of organization starts from the self which we define it in a very nice way based upon the personal experiences. These experiences limits the outlook of a person who remain exempted from the journey of exploration; who clearly defines the horizon at which their thinking limits. As it is evident we have seen such events with ourselves in day to day life. But what’s the reason that future generations pretended to move in a path which is exactly opposite to what provided by the ancestors. What encourages them to lead the path of discourage. How the parents were assigned to harsh step to limit their own blood. It’s a perfect example of the ignorance which the man kept himself around his life, and what he preached all his life their kids is the limited ground where sun seems to be set but it won’t. Limits itself shows a sign of the tiredness which makes you to take such step that you avoid the path of the path beyond the horizon. And you slaughtered the delight bird in the cage of the fear. You diminish the possibilities of great future envisage by imposing the burden of the experience on the enthusiast shoulder. Instead of providing guiding direction we have culminated the wish, the aura and holistic attitude which is the path of liberty. Now the limitation has proved to be a boon for the martyrd shoulder with suspicious vision, cunning attitude, the filthy political mess which all time makes the person to remain infringed the cages built up of pillars signifying fear, indecisiveness, jealous and unjust behaviour. Is this heritage we people are going to provide our future generation. That’s thing once again think for the moment whether a one healthy step of guiding your kids to knows clear difference between the proper and improper help to survive them with sheer gratitude and unravelling exploration of mysterious journey with a smile of liberal attitude and enthusiasm to make i’m-possible or the life of disgust and frustration which finally lead to ‘tiered step’ of your life and closes the door of evolutionary transformation.
– Ankiitz B’sen

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