Un’defined’ relation


Sense of attachment which is prevailing in this civilization records back to ages and the essence of someone on which relies show of the dependability. With the end of something always it’s the beginning for other. Presence of the even always gives us the sign of the presence of odds. This relation doesn’t end but gives enough length of the climax where the admixing of the both even and odd takes place. Just like a water which we defined as a saline and fresh but at some point of the beginning or end they have to meet. This is moment where intercultural and the characters have been mutual transferred without any conflict. Present day is full of issues and the second will be full of cheers which needs to be accepted by us that when nature accepts something which is really common amongst them with the sense of uncommonness, then we are the Sapeins how we become ignorant from this simple fact….. See you guys!
-Ankiitz B’sen

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