“Vilakshanta” of ‘Vi’- gyan

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Rededefine, reformation, re- incarnation , revolution all these terms are very much familiar with us. Thinking of the new things made us to think of older one’s. Creation always follows its recreational templates. But the horizon increases as the time moves on intellect reaches the superb heights , inventions becomes the inspirational line of the discovered one. Where the chance of credit has been decleared to be debited. Where the postulation of science have iconised by loosing the one of the sense. Energy is being reinforced to channelised redefination of the existed one. The drama of the emotions have been categorized under the subtitle emotional intelligence. The disorders became the sustaining remarkers of modern scientist. The craze which have been developed for grivienaces now become the previlege of the modern competition. Wiseness became the joke of foolishness. Language became the sign of stubborness. Studies becomes the of hypothetical dogma. Intelligence become the stage joke for the subject of debate.The spiritual process become the copyright of religious dogma. Issues become the source of modern policy to irrigate the political virtues. The knowledge ‘Gyan’ becomes the orphan , ‘ Dharma’ is suffering from the capitalistic ideological syndrome. The special instinct “Vilakshanta” of the knowledge of has been transformed into ” Vikrut” – the perceptuality of insanity. ‘Re- verse’ of the act is diminishing the power of proper path by Global economic syndrome which suffered pandemically by virtues of the bucks which have been earned by loosing the importance of humanity towards the whomsoever it may concern. So ,my friends story end with thrbegining of something because someone told me ,” There is always a way, we have to look ourselves in the mirror with the outlook ” Vilakshanta” which guides you all the way”.

-Ankiitz B’sen

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