Visionary Science :’Krishna and the concept of Human Psychology’

Hi guys, a very warm welcome to the world of the series of Visionary Science, the motive of this article to let us understand the how the emrgence of the evolutionary species on this green planet; as well as the how the human race strive towards to be more better than other living organism. As well as the quest of the human emotions and the intelligence collectively fused to enrich the human existence as par excellence. This aspects can be understood in a very practical and simpler if we observe our routine life and the day to day incidences. The very things which puts the light on the complexity is the collective approach and the simultaneous execution of the programs whose onset time differ in few miliseconds. Infact, when the programme runs, then primarily it is essential to make the environment so much sophisticated, so that proper co-ordination must take place between the initiation and the end point of the program. As well as necessary part is that it is necessary to prevent any coherence and the inference which might affect the proper functioning of the of the system. Which is main critical factor which may hamper the smooth functioning of any bodily organisation. Hence, such effective and efficaious measure can applicable only after certain durable experiences in propa gating the due process. These the certain principlea which can make any individual a very sound programmer. (While referring the term programmer it is broad term referring to a proper biological physiological unit). Now, we understood how the complexity comes into play. With a help of common natural laws of the nature we can predict the functional and behavioural traits of the normal human organisation. Coming towards the present status, we are pushing our live to create a another possible artificial biological hierarchy by means of the artificial intelligence. Where the spontanity and the exploratory nature of the human beings continuously; in order to built better tomorrow for the next yells. While, the attempts might fail due to inbuilt encasement of the miniature and invisble biological software i.e humans psyche and it’s studies i.e psychology. This term has been suffered so far with various allegation and the credited to be worthless due incaptivty and the practical proofs of this biological phenomenon. It is somewhat a matter of disgrace for human civiliazation, as this might question their self existence in the universe. Because this traits have not been subjected to any special individual but rather a gift to the humanity.

However, when a two individual connect with each other and when the communicate it is you psyche only which deeply affect the common individual. The feelings of the anger, love, hatred and disgrace, disappointment etc are some of the very common and highly highlighted amongst the person lives and civiliazation. But in this present era , the ever taking birth one is now suffering due deterioration of this segment from the human lives. (To be continues..)

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