Visionary Science : Magnetism

(to be Conti…….) They do exhibit their properties in a biochemical form. As, the universal rule in chemistry which obeys the principle , which happened outside is the similar one which is happening inside the body. As, in the chemical lab, we get to understand about the systems which has been broadly classified into open , closed and isolated system. And second quest which arises that, our biological system falls in which category? ………. Then what will be the answer – in a normal state of the body when the consciousness is in the dormant state – the biological system is open system, when biological system is in the normal conscious state then, it is a closed system and when body is in the superconscious state then body is in the isolated system. This particular definition seems to be unconventional for a reader , for a moment afterwards a deep internal argument and thought process you will seek the answer whether it is right or wrong. As, the biological system continuously emit the energy out of the living cabinet which involves the sensation of these events in the form of sweat and warm or cold breathe, in the form bodily fragrance or foul odour of the pheromones which either attracts the person adjacent to you or it may repel or made dislike by some other person in relation to you. And if the body of the human being is being affected by the energies flowing in the polar direction it means that human biological system is also equipped with north pole and south pole. Which affects the person’s mind from time to time. Sometimes, if it may be in aligned you in a proper direction or otherwise completely opposite to it. From, this event here we make a conclusion, that our biological system is a form of a dipole just like magnet , we too can able to attract and also have repelling properties and also equipped with a north pole and south pole. So, in the particular event understood that our body exhibit universal magnetic properties which the non-living matter possesses………… (to be Conti)

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