Visionary Science: The Electrifying Effect

In due discourse as we have seen how the both the polar node affect our biological system but what is the energy system which lead to the flow which let energy to pass from one point of origination to another part of its destiny. Actually, the continuous flow of the particle from one to another have been referred as current. And the system which involves the electrons and their aligned motion with in a dipole has been considered as electric current. When this energy in the form quantum energy involves the multiple current takes the form of the vibes. The area where the intensity of the is vibes experienced can be referred as a energy field. So, when two biological system comes in contact with each other the vibes which are continuously flowing from the biological system due affects the another biological system when the body falls within the vicinity of the energy field. Now try to recollect the whole event where first we conclude the body is having a magnetic properties which is in turn a output of the dipole and possess the magnetic field and also we came to point that the physical properties of the magnetism which is applicable for the elemental virtues outside the body is exactly similar to what is happened inside. In a similar fashion, when the electric current flows which involves the flow of the electrons directionally lead to experience its impulses and creates a field i.e electric field. Which also have a due impact on the relative biological system. Collectively, the magnetic and electric field in a combination are responsible for the eventual happenings of the innumerable phenomenon in a person life. it means , electric field is complimentary to magnetic field though both fields opposite to each other and often acts as a buffer in maintenance of the proper functioning of the body which mutually perpendicular to each other. This concept is a breakthrough and able works as master key in opening the door of the consciousness and to recalibrate the person understanding of the simplified approach towards making the life perfect lifestyle. So, our biological system is an exemplary model of the electromagnetic activity because of which we are getting affected by the mutual changes in the electromagnetic behaviour of the nature , for example, the experiences at the time of the full moon, experiences at the time of the new moon, goosebumps at the time of the thunder lightening etc

By- ‘006’

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