Visionary Science

Visionary Science
When we look after the food pyramid, the chain of the provider and predator continues to until it reaches the apex. In order to fulfil the needs the we rely on each other to continue the life cycle. But can we dreamt of such thing where organism for their existence can skip the vegetation from their diet and rely on the other segment of the predators. By thinking of these things will be horrible, which may affect the ecological balance and also the behaviour of the lower and higher organism on the earth. Thus, from this event we can understand the importance baseline provider which envelops the numerous flora and funna, the vegetative growth such as herbs, shrubs, higher trees and other such members of the Plant kingdom. In a due course of discussion we have one such members from this segment of life forms i.e Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb. , popularly known as Rudraksha which is having a very interesting origination background story. This particular tree gained a enormous importance in the mythical as well as in conventional medicinal system in india and slowly the glory of this medicines is showing its impetus on the global population. The vegetation of this fruit is natively from Himalayan ranges in Nepal, Sri lanka, India etc . And it is believed that this medicine found to be so promising that recently numerous pharmaceutical research has been carried in order to explore the enumerated pharmacological activities in the different symptomatic disorder in human beings.
History of this Eleaocarpus Ganitrus trace back to the numerous centuries ago, from where the spiritual upliftment process amongst the human beings engaged in the self evolutionary process. And the pioneer for this self growth has been considered as Shiva, the purest form of the being which is the final stage to understand , execute and implement and to sustain livable life on the earth by proper management of the energies existed within the human body. In order to attain this stage of well managed bodily spirit , we took the help of the seeds of this fruit. And this fruit is believed to propagate on the earth as result of the tears which comes out the eyes of lord Shiva, and coming into the contact with earthly atmosphere the essence of the vitality of the shiva’s energy took the form of the plantlets. Which bears the berry like fruit and we utilize the same in its dried from. When the pericarp of the fruit is completely peeled off and the seed came out of it. We know that our body is composite outcome of the five vital elements such as earth, water, fire, air and sky or universe. Similarly, the elements which occurred in the nature has their miniature constituents within a body. (to be Continued….)


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