Vulture agony

The Vulture Agony
(The life of the student on the fulcrum)

This is the story which is inside out ,in turn and turn around, which
gambles over the life of the student, whose aim, whose motive, whose
passion becomes the enemy of it’s own present life, story resembles
the persona of each and every individual whose life is considered
some thing more than it actually resembles, some people’s or
subjective persona take it as hyperbole, but some take it as insane
one! Here’s the problematic condition over him is to prove each and
every moment his passion his intellect and his skills which resembles
the fulcrum which is the midpoint of balance and actually it is
equilibrium point, with great conserved energy and most probably
excellent one when given direction and disastrous one when left them
alone. Excellent in term when it gives a boon to common mankind but
disastrous in such a manner that it in turn gives complete downfall
of one’s culture , one’s enthusiasm and one’s gratitude. The one of
the nocturnal element which is just a feel a kind of exhibiting probe
of life which gives the person a sort of overconfidence , prosperity
and reluctant and arrogance so that the person is unable to give excel
out put to the nature which in generalized term signified as “egoism”
and coward ism “ but the journey from coward ism to egoism is not
the fake one !always we have to remember that student life is full of
challenges and all the students right from thumb to index are having a
tendency to show their excellence or to give result in stipulated
manner however result of some are appreciated while the result s of
some are discarded .however , it is to be taken in to account the
result of those which are being discarded is nothing but there overall
sin forums ideology which is not being accepted by the society .
their writing terms to renovate the pattern and generalized thinking of
the mob to present world distinct example .this is the first utter
point which tells u the journey of the student from cowardice to
egoism why the person not intimately want to show himself in front of
the world that he is down to earth why? Now moving on second
segregating result whirled over the moment or progression of the
person from an unwanted incident and the disastrous event happened in
his life right from his child hood to peak point of adolescence
there are numerous scenario some created by that student himself and
some are being designed trap of natural power and some are other
problem created by physico -chemical film whose reeling with different
kinds of hormones and the state of psychic instability over periods to
handle enormous conserved energy which is nothing but synthesizing
phase of life , but as we already know that if some adulteration been
done in this synthesizing phase than actually there it may lead to
formation of mutant species however when we come over to talk about
mutant species, first thing which comes into our mind is that like
that of ‘X-MEN’ pattern, yes! Somewhat in that pattern but ultimate
product vary it’s some of the qualities ! it’s natural. Now moving
towards the familiar background and then preceding over the social
background and final destination is nothing but it’s love life and
other college linked encrypted scene it’s very difficult for the
reader to encode and translate all this scene to visualize the kind
of struggle the writer has to done for organizing his thought s in
cat dog manner . and while reading the whole scenario when utterly
come towards the point the what title actually signify which is
nothing but pain which has been already taken a lot from the student
life’s but when it’s turn comes to give handful and rewards for his
achievements from when his hand finger turn s out into rigid and
non flapable fist in which all the coding being trapped , which are
essential one! For it’s further progress, at that time the pain from
which the student suffered is like that of vulture , which is
being isolated from community, however no one in the society is their
to take care of his hidden charm , no one there to give him
complement over his job being performed in the context of society
but when those element /that animal become scarce from this
lithosphere than everybody in the society comes forward in order to
reward the good deeds and indeed at that time they know the value
of that vulture in maintaining environmental balance but when last
time comes with respect to that vulture life , the common man is
not being located there. And the pain from which he is suffering
he is not being located there . and the body of that vulture
,remain buried by the nature’s hard cycle itself . which is neither
been inspired to someone nor nobody has taken noteworthy of his
sacrifice .
This is the sole part of this
story which taken as synchedoche !this story implicit the life of
that student which in turn been very coward in his early life
but suddenly whole scene change bitter guard has taken the place
of pastries and that too his love life goes on complicating with no
results! Whose able to share it’s well being !and the person/
student is totally considered as stupid and arrogant and rascal
which and the term related to one of great ad’s” HARI SADU”.
Manifestation of of dreams and epidemic of familiar and social
responsibility made him egoist and pain no been cured by morphine
itself and thus , end time of the student in his geriatrics period
there is nothing to lose anymore for him ,everything has been shaken
off! No, even memorization of good deeds and materialized factor
been seen there!
Every time .we are eager to see happy ending !but when we peered into
or own life what has been taken from life is not actually in wiser
manner is being returned by us ! that’s in each and every generation
struggle will go on and numerous student who want s to
revolutionized the present system been taken off by the time cycle
and those personality been treated in impoverish manner all the time
, so that today’s world will recruit again the puppets of film in
solitude pattern!
CREATE HISTORY………………………………………………………………
BUT DON’T…………………………………………………………………….

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